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Several larger film and TV productions have already chosen Norway as a backdrop, most recently Mission Impossible (Pulpit rock), the new James Bond movie Eclipse (West coast of Norway and outside Oslo) and the Netflix series Twin (Lofoten).


However, Norway has a long way to go before the location is “over-exposed”, and Arctic Norway even more so. If you are looking for somewhere new and inspiring, this is the place for you.



The Lofoten archipelago is famous for it´red fishermans cabins on stylts in crystal clear fishing water surrounded by staggering mountains and white beaches. It is also home to the largest Viking archelogical site and museum of the Norther, as well as cool and vibrant fishing, surfing and art communities.

( Link to Twins film)



Finnmark is the northernmost part of Norway and Continental Europe and is bordered by Finland in the South and Russia to the East. In fact, the Norwegian town of Vardø is located further east than both St Petersburg and Istanbul. Finnmark is huge, and the largest and least populated county in Norway 

The Sami are the only indigenous people left in Europe, and Finnmark constitutes the biggest part of the native Sapmi region, which spans Russia, Norway, Finland and Sweden. The mix of cultures and people is unique and the landscape consists of steep hills, nude coast, long and wide fjords, wooded inland valleys and endless expanses. 

Northern Lights Tromsø Town.jpg


Tromsø is the largest city in Arctic Norway and has the most crew and expertise in one spot. The little urban island nestled amongst extreme mountains and fjords makes a perfect hub and offers grand nature alongside modern comforts. Due to its large university and flourishing industries, it has a vibrant night and cultural life. It was known as “The Paris of the North” due to its ladies dressing in fabrics and fashions on their way on ships from Paris to Russia, and has been the starting point for many a Polar expedition. If you want to get a taste for Tromsø and its surroundings, take a look at Jonathan Rhys Myers in “The Twelfth Man” (Netflix).

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Off the beaten track

From old fish oil factories and abandoned fishermen´s villages, to un-used military bases and remote churches and graveyards – the region offers up some truly unique places to film that may not be at the forefront of your mind!


  • Ask and you shall find treasure!

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